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Fashion designers falling over themselves to dress actress rooney mara at oscars Her family team was champion on the turf, and now rooney mara is queen of the carpet. At tonight academy awards, where mara is up for best actress for girl with the dragon tattoo, the 26yearold starlet is the mostcoveted carpet walker this year by fashion designers.As with her plunging purple j.Mendel dress at last week costume designers guild awards(Left), Mara can pull off sexy and hip simultaneously, without ever really smiling. Could well have had offers of up to $500, 000, plus a lifetime of free clothes on the table from labels that have big budgets sell at a discount but are lacking in the cool factor they all so desperately want, the source said. Might sound like a lot of money, but no advertising campaign will deliver the results that a redcarpet rooney mara endorsement can.The lucrative deals, the labels the actress has a penchant for lanvin, louis vuitton are unlikely to have ponied up anything, the source added, because handpick who allowed to be seen in their designs.The actresses are the ones usually coming to them.Greatgranddaughter of giants founder tim mara has been anointed a subversive style icon in record time. Jaimie hilfiger, model and niece of designer tommy hilfiger, said designers have singled out mara as one to dress because carries a sense of mystery and intrigue to her that other actresses do not possess.Kevan hall, whose celebrity fans include anne hathaway, drew barrymore and katherine heigl, agreed. Looks like a runway model, but her appeal is the whole package, as she is incredibly talented and also runs a charity, he said.Designer likes to align themselves with people who are Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet doing wonderful things in their careers.Label she opts for, mara won suffer for her art.

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Double boost Wedding Dresses http://www.dpmp.com.au/ for cottagers Fulham have signed darren bent on a seasonlong loan from aston villa and agreed a new twoyear deal with sascha riether, the club"s player of the year last season. Manager martin jol stole in ahead of crystal palace to land bent, who was villa"s record signing when he joined from sunderland for 18million in january 2011 but has since fallen behind christian benteke in the pecking order. Jol admitted last season that he missed out on the chance to recruit belgian international benteke and he was clearly not prepared to make the same mistake with bent. Palace manager ian holloway revealed this week he thought bent was en route to selhurst park when fulham stepped in to seal the deal. "Darren bent is a striker i have always admired,"Said jol, who signed the england international for tottenham from charlton in 2007. "He has shown in the barclays premier league that he is composed and clinical http://www.dpmp.com.au/evening-dresses.html in front of goal but, even if he is not scoring, he is involved in some good linkup play, creating opportunities for his teammates. "I"m delighted that he has joined us, he gives us pace up front and i am confident that he will add to our goals scored tally this season. " Bent found his opportunities limited last season and scored just six times in 23 appearances for villa, but his career record is a goal every other game.

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7 Billion fine tiny small sharp knitting needles Vol When the fate of the world rests on shoulders of the one person who could care less, only a terrific sci fi manga can be the effect in vertical latest release. Always sporting her headsets to try to close out the world around her, hikaru is openly a reclusive teen aged girl.And within her body resides another life form commonly known ciel, a hunter on the lookout for an intergalactic murderer intent on wiping out humanity.In 7 billion fine tiny small sharp knitting needles, two lives share one heart as they race guard each other and what they most cherish.Loosely stirred by clement"s golden age title needle, 7 billion needles follows the life of a teenage girl whose quiet boring days are substantially changed when her body is possessed by an alien life form caught up in an intergalactic manhunt. On a definitive calm night, throughout a class trip to the beach, hikaru takabe decides to go for a walk jordans shoes for girls to escape the shackles of school and pressure from peers.While observing the stars above a calm dark sea straight away she is disintegrated when struck by a meteor. Flash frontward one page, or hikaru awakes, from appears like a horrible daydream of sorts, sitting amongst childhood friends in school without a scratch on her.The meteor dream seemed so real she cannot sense she"s alive, but given her general aloof nature, she soon shrugs off the events and progresses with life.Is better known for their high quality publications and 7 billion needles is no exception.The cover art by peter mendelsund is harking back to old 50s sci fi pulp comics;This gives the volume a very unique look that causes instant intrigue and the opinion that this book is already a classic.Within the book is where vertical"s perfectionism really shines though.Dealing with sound effects in translated manga is going to be tricky for me.Either the sound clips are translated causing the english equivalent to look out of place or take up too much space;Or the effects are untranslated and maybe there is an index of their meanings at the rear of the book.Vertical goes both routes here to great results that never distracts and always enhances the reading experience.The sound clips are left untranslated but in small print next to the effect is an english translation that never feels out of place. The artwork is beautiful right through but really shows through in the opening color pages.These pages are so artistically rendered and perfect in tone and contrast that it looks like an ani manga!The remaining book is just as beautiful to look at.While not hyper realistic the balance of detail helps give a"Real think"To the storyplot.Nobuaki tadano knows when to increase the level of detail at exactly the required moment to add appropriate emphasis and horror.A great example of this is to begin with when hikaru is struck by the meteor.The transfers of the pages present the perfect balance in shading so that within the whole book every page and panel not only looks good but looks right.It"s never too dark or too light and really brings out best of tadano"s artwork.7 Billion fine tiny small sharp knitting needles is an update of the classic sci fi novel Needle by Hal Clement.The story initiates us to hikaru takabe, a high school girl who is annoyed with people and constantly shuts herself off from the world by using music through her headphones.While you"re on a school trip, hikaru goes to the ocean to look at the stars when suddenly a meteor collides with her completely evaporating her after the process.Hikaru then awakens and finds herself in class with a lapse in her memory.Hikaru later starts hearing a voice that pinpoints itself as horizon, a sentient being which was chasing the malevolent force maelstrom across the universe and had to join with hikaru in order to live on earth and continue his hunt.The way horizon tells of his experiences and theories regarding maelstrom are interesting because they seamlessly blur real historical events with the fantastical premise.One thing i constantly enjoyed, of all sorts of media, is when real events are given a new basis for happening.It may be the conspiracy theorist in me but it just adds some fun into the story mythology. Due to unknown reasons hikaru has truly alienated herself from society we live in and only wants to be alone.Horizon is constantly on the plead for her assistance in finding maelstrom and saving the universe but she just doesn"t care.One day a loud scream is heard in the school and by harmful to bore her with his life story again, horizon convinces her to look into.Here she first encounters maelstrom who has bought out the body of senior shunsuke and turned him into a human monster hybrid with dinosaur like feet.In his surprise maelstrom severs hikaru"s arm and flees home. Next, a duel cat and mouse game begins between horizon and maelstrom as they search each other first.The story really starts to open up after all this because hikaru is now, awfully, willing to get familiar with the hunt and save the world.Nonetheless, because of her self-Consciousness, she is less than thrilled about the methods she must use uncover maelstrom"s host to people!These segments are genuinely sweet and funny because of how awkward hikaru is when trying to talk to other people and horizon with no knowledge of what her (free next day in-store delivery.) problem is.But it"s not a comedy manga at all. The storyplot continues by switching narratives between hikaru and shunsuke, who has begun murdering any girl that wears her hair in a ponytail as this has been the only image of hikaru he got before escaping.The violence here is not graphic per se but there is a level of violence that adds to the horror of your position making everything seem quite dire.As well, the timing that narrative switches between hikaru and shunsuke is picture perfect(No pun expected).With each narrative switch you enter and leave the story at the most wonderful moment that gives a sense of urgency and importance. Astonishingly, hikaru ends up making new friends with two school mates, nao and furthermore saya.Not only is the tangible product itself appeasing to the eyes and of a top-Notch, but the manga is actually superb on every level.The heroine herself is so realistic that someone can easily identify, sympathize, and get on with her.This sets up the groundwork for a science fiction manga that is both stimulating and exciting.Having never read significantly novel, i have no idea what surprises lie ahead but the premise and world that this volume has generated makes picking up the remaining three volumes a no brainer.This manga can pretty much be enjoyed by anyone except for those that hate anything sci fi just on principal, so do your favor a pick this up!Even if it isn to your liking you will not be disappointed.

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Former campaign spending officials lash out at ad campaign targeting cayetano Former campaign spending officials lash out at ad campaign targeting cayetano The prp tv ads make it appear as though cayetano knowingly stuffed his pockets with illegal campaign donations during his 1998 re election bid as hawaii governor. Prp states cayetano used a"Loophole"To forgo paying out $543, 000 in illegal campaign benefits by closing his campaign committee and turning over the $8, 655 that remained to the campaign spending payment.To the, watada said cayetano and other politicians who closed their accounts were just using the law. "He didn"t do anything illegal, claims watada. "We would not have closed his account if there were any exceptional liabilities, The executive director of pacific resource cooperation, john white colored, said in a tuesday news conference that watada"s assertions don"t excuse cayetano from the pay to play culture that dominated hawaii"s political scene this 1990s and early 2000s. Prp, which is held up by the hawaii carpenters union, has targeted cayetano considering the former governor"s pledge to kill the city"s $5.3 billion rail development. "I think bob watada is someone i know of gov.Cayetano and he hopes to put gov.Cayetano in a confident light, said brighte.Repetition.Mazie hirono"s an ancient chief of staff from 2007 to 2009, and that cayetano, hirono undoubtedly accepted illegal campaign donations totaling $164, 265 during her and dropped or lost bid for governor in 2002.Hirono"s campaign committee surrended $95, 073.58 to the Campaign Spending commission fee, But closed the bank before $69, 191.42 in illegal beneficial properties could be returned. White said because cayetano, hirono closed her campaign panel and ran for a federal office, so the consideration to cayetano doesn"t hold water. "The campaign spending monetary fee governs state and city campaigns, it normally won"t govern federal campaigns, said brighte. "I believe the record is out there on any person who"s received positive factors like that, Cayetano said white is comfortable with the similarities in illegal contributions given to his gubernatorial campaign and that of hirono, who worked for as his lieutenant governor from 1994 to 2002. "It"s good that(White color)Knew with this complete, but he didn"t mention it his or her campaign is designed solely at me, announced cayetano. "Mazie hirono, as far as i"m involved, is a responsible person, Watada said it"s not up to students to decipher whether campaign donors are using real names.Many of the illegal efforts given to cayetano, hirono and other local political figures came from fictitious or fraudulent donors. "We go after the donor who knows (more jewelry here) that they"re giving access beneficial properties, or contributions in the name of anyone, and so and that has who we fine, wanted to say watada. Watada found a pay to play culture existed during cayetano"s reign as governor, but his investigation never found any direct link to the state"s former leader. "I don"t think organization find a more honest politician in this state, thought watada, who was appointed to the campaign spending"Transaction fee"By cayetano. "Hawaii is very fortunate of gov.Cayetano step up to take a command position, Express rep.Della au belatti, a former transaction feeer with the campaign spending hire, said prp is engaged in the same pay to play scheme that dominated hawaii politics for the more part of a decade. "Which are the donors behind prp hawaii, desired to know au belatti. "Are they obtain contracts?Has the doctor received contracts, or do they hope to take delivery of contracts from the rail contract?Now that"s pay to play if promptly."yes" to any of those questions, Au belatti, a great democran importantt, called on prp to instantly pull its ad campaign targeting cayetano and disclose its list of donors.She better known as on mayor peter carlisle and former acting mayor kirk caldwell, both of whom are pro rail job seekers seeking the mayor"s office, to widely condemn the attack ads. "The other mayoral people should denounce, Cheap Pandora Jewellery Sale absolutely denounce the deceptive tactics being used by prp hawaii, she defined. White said cayetano had enable you to reform hawaii"s campaign spending laws in 2002, but vetoed a bill that will have prevented campaign donors from receiving state or country contracts. "He had an opportunity to reform the system and he didn"t do it, said bright. In his 2002 message to congress, cayetano said he vetoed senate bill 2431 the idea only covered the executive branch, and not the state of hawaii legislature.

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Ipads Tiffany Browse Money Clips are child"s play Crayola allows tots to doodle on the ipad using its imarker just as they would a crayon on a coloring book.Tweens are able to belt out their favorite miley cyrus and selena gomez tunes on a disney microphone that turns the tablet into a karaoke machine.And technology accessories company griffin enables teens to fly its toy helicopter by using the iphone as a remote control. This holiday season, toy makers have turned apple"s pricey tablet and smartphone into playthings for kids.They figure in this weak economy, parents will be willing to splurge on toys Cheap Tiffany Pendants for their children that utilize devices they already have-Or want-Themselves. Tiffany fessler of gainsville, ga., certainly was willing to do that even though when she initially bought her $829 iPad she never imagined she"d be sharing it with her 20-Month-Old son.But whenever she sat down to check emails on the ipad, he"d climb into her lap wanting to use it. So, fessler decided to get him the $29.99 Crayola iMarker, which transforms the iPad into a digital coloring book using a Crayola"s free ColorStudio HD application that parents can download.Kids can draw and color using the imarker, which has a soft tip so it doesn"t scratch the tablet"s glass screen. "When you have a screaming toddler in a restaurant or any public area, you want to have something to calm him down with,"Says fessler, 39. "This is just another way to keep him entertained. " That the ipad and iphone have infiltrated the $22 billion toy market this season is no surprise.Smartphones and tablets-Particularly apple products-Are more popular than ever with people of all ages.This year, apple is expected to double the number of iphones sold to 90.6 million worldwide, according to research firm Gartner, while the number of iPads sold is expected to triple to 46.7 million. And apple products have a certain"Cool factor"With kids that toy companies, which can make up to half of their revenue during the holidays, are hoping to tap into.In fact, the ipad and iphone are among the most coveted electronics this holiday season among kids.About 44% of 6-To 12-Year-Olds want the ipad this year, according to a survey by research firm nielsen.The ipod touch came in the no.2 spot with 30%, followed by the iPhone at 27%. NotTo mention, anyone who"s a parent knows allToo well that babies and older kids alike loveTo fiddle with or drool all over mommy"s ipad.Nearly 40 percent of 2-To 4-Year-Olds have used a smartphone, ipad or video ipod, accordingTo a survey by nonprofit group common sense media.That number risesTo 52% for 5-To-8 year olds.And even 10% of infants have used one of the devices before their first birthday. "It"s mostly something for kids to use in the car or at the doctor"s office,"Says chris baynes, a toy analyst. "It"s a way to get the kid to be quiet. " With that in mind, crayola teamed up with nashville, tenn. -Based griffin technology, which is mostly known for selling iphone and ipad cases and car chargers, to make the imarker and the colorstudio hd app for kids.The imarker, which is like a stylus that resembles a crayola marker, is targeted at children ages three and up. "Regardless of who they buy it for, once it is in the household, we know that kids use it,"Says vicky lozano, vice president of marketing at crayola, which makes the imarker. Other toy makers also have gotten into the game: •Griffin"s $49.99 remote-Controlled toy helicopter is aimed at teens over 14.Called the"Helo tc,"It flies using a device that plugs into an iphone, ipad or ipod.A free app turns the touchscreen of the devices into a cockpit that controls the helicopter. •Mattel"s Fisher-Price unit is selling"The laugh and learn apptivity case"Aimed at babies for $15.The case locks the iphone into a colorful, easy to grab case that looks like a big round rattle.The case stops babies from making unwanted calls and protects the iphone from something else:Drool.Parents can open up three free apps that play music, read words aloud and count numbers.The company plans to release an ipad version of the case this spring. •Disney has three offerings.The"Disney spotlight"Microphone, which is $69.99 or $99.99 for a wireless version, plugs intoTheiPad and allows kids to sing along to Disney songs from shows such as Hannah Montana-Or to their own music-And record their own music video.Disney"s $79.99 AppClix digital camera enables kids to upload their pictures to an iPad and a free app allows them add Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck intoThephotos.And disney teamed up with canadian toy maker spin master to create"Appmates," a toy car based onThecharacters fromThecompany"s Cars 2 animated movie.One car sells for $12.99 while a two-Pack goes for $19.99.Using a free app, kids can"Drive" on different courses by movingThecar acrossTheiPad screen. •Spin Master, which makes toys such as Air Hogs and Bakugan, started a new line this year of toys for the iPad and iPhone called"Appfininity. "Its first toy in the line is the $19.99 AppBlaster, a plastic gun for kids over age eight.After slipping an iphone or ipad touch on top of the appblaster, kids can shoot at aliens that pop up on the screen. Analysts say these toys are just the beginning of a new niche for toy makers.Indeed, most of the companies say they plan to roll out more products for smartphones and tablets-Including some that use google"s android software-Next year.